When considering where you will spend your advertising budget why should you choose Aspect above the mix of over 20 other magazines spread across the South East? Simply, Aspect County Magazine is the original and still the best luxury lifestyle magazine in the area.

Founded in 1989 and read by a unique mix of wealthy, well-heeled old and new money readers, Aspect quickly secured this affluent and loyal readership by the early 90s. Since then dozens of magazines have tried and failed to capture this holy grail of audiences.

A key reason for advertiser’s success with Aspect over the past four decades is that the publishers limit each issue to a maximum 100 pages per issue with over 50 pages of editorial, thus allowing all advertisements a chance to be seen and impact on Aspect readers.

Aspect County is known for delivering real results for brands and companies wishing to reach high-income individuals in Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Targeted at A,A/B1 readers, it is the only publication to be distributed freely to select postcodes and through an exclusive network of high-end outlets and commuter hotspots across the South East.

Measurable, direct responsive results reported by Aspect County advertisers include: the sale of a £2.6 million yacht, orders for home entertainment systems in excess of £250,000, and over 55% of total annual sales for a high-end kitchen showroom from Aspect County readers. Aspect has been approved by a number of prestige brands – including Rolex, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Harrods and Patek Philippe – who appreciate the value of accessing our aspirational readership through a quality publication that secures reader loyalty through intelligent, invigorated and entertaining content. Many of our advertisers have relied on Aspect as a central platform of their marketing strategy for years, and it’s easy to see why: the magazine’s long shelf life and competitive rates mean reaching the South East’s most affluent households through Aspect makes strategic and financial sense.

Many of the original readers still make Aspect their first and only choice when it comes to reading local magazines. The Aspect habit has been passed down the generations to their children, many of whom are in their mid to late 20s and climbing their own career ladder. Reading Aspect has become a badge of acceptance in certain quarters and will continue to be so for many years to come.

Aspect County is a strong and established brand in its own right. Readers trust the magazine and our judgement when it comes to featured businesses and are therefore happy to contact Aspect advertisers. With this in mind you will be able to enhance your own brand plus achieve quantifiable results by advertising in Aspect County.

With over 70,000 readers, and over 2000 distribution outlets, Aspect County is the only magazine in the South East to have been checked and verified independently. Before you decide on the cheapest deal on the table, ask yourself why — think again-and then contact Aspect.

Now you can also compliment your print advertising plus elevate your companies presence online with our new digital platforms which include our new website, packed with original and quality content which is designed to be shared by our readers via the latest and most popular social networks. Please ask us about our new digital campaigns.

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