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It is cold here on the farm, but spring is approaching and with that comes an exciting period of art projects and business development. So, I have been reflecting on 2018 and looking forward to the next twelve months.

I moved workshops over Christmas to a new bigger unit on the same farm so I can now offer better facilities; Giclée Prints, Scanning, Framing, Canvas Stretching, as well as displaying more paintings. Additionally, I have also taken on another workshop and installed more equipment to enable me to make frames and stretchers in a dedicated environment.

I have also installed an Etching press and will be able to offer it for rent to any artist who wants to make prints from engravings to add to their portfolios.

One of the most exciting projects of last year was to prepare the entire collection of Brett Neal’s works in readiness to release to the market in 2019.

You can now purchase a full range of limited edition prints of his fantastic works direct from me or via his website (details are at end of this article).

Brett Neal was a British artist based in Asia whose work has been bought by collectors worldwide for the last 30 years. Sadly, he passed away in 2017, so I have been working with his family to consolidate his body of works to offer them to the public, and in some cases, show them for the first time in the UK.

Brett is known for his love of perfection and simplicity. Brett studied formerly in the UK, followed by various apprenticeships in wood sculpting and gilding, painting restoration under Antonio Macedo, marble sculpture in Italy, etching and stained glass in France.

For many years, starting in 1985, Brett moved between France and the US creating commissioned portraits in both oil and marble for esteemed patrons. He eventually opened a gallery and workshop in Vence, France, with a large staff assisting in the production and sales of his art.

Brett Neal wasn’t at all impressed by the concept of art as something pretentious. Adhering to his ideology, much of Brett’s recent work is a spin on that of the great masters of the modern world. Within a context that doesn’t seem to make sense, he incorporates famous images of Picasso, Debuffet, Lichtenstein and Matisse into his paintings and sculptures, teasing viewers out of their comfort zone and bringing forth questions like what makes sense?” and who defines it?”

Channelling the great pop artists of the 20th century Brett’s latest Ultramixer’ series features humorous juxtapositions, combining fine art imagery with a jumble of vintage cartoons, advertising and memorabilia – reminding us not to take art too seriously. 

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