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All shapes and sizes

The new exhibition at Artichoke Gallery opens from 21st January

Despite opening just 25 months ago, Artichoke Gallery has built a formidable reputation for showing quality ceramics from some of the leading potters and ceramic sculptors in the Country. 

We have a stable of great potters, such as Jonathan Chiswell Jones, Marion Brandis, Sarah Grove and Matthew Bayman as well as nurturing the next generation of recent apprentices who are beginning to make a name for themselves including Darren Ellis and Adam Marsh.”commented Louisa Crispin of Artichoke Gallery.

These are complemented by a new selection every three months, chosen by artist/owners Vicki Atkinson, Liz Moys and Louisa Crispin to tie into each new exhibition theme, and have included such artists as Barry Stedman, Blandine Anderson, Daphne Carnegy and Paul Jackson. The benchmark is always about the quality but they also like to include a healthy dose of humour to connect with Vicki’s ceramic sculpture.

Aptly titled All Shapes and Sizes”, the exhibition opening on 21st January allows them to indulge their love of the figurative: looking at people in our own particular way”. Good figurative sculpture relies on close observation and Vicki concentrates on the posture; androgynous figures are captured at the edge of movement with a gentle reminiscent humour present in their body language. We recognise the figures, almost a stereotype, something about their pose.

This highly figurative show is centred on Sculpture and Ceramics, reflecting the broad interests of artists in this subject. The actuality of movement, the tension and energy of figures caught in dance or the more gentle elegant sway of models on the catwalk; whimsical tales resulting from that particularly British habit of making up stories about those around us; or more simply a fascination in the process of creation, the textures and patina, using the clay as a drawing board. Time and again the term people watching” comes to mind, but it is the way they translate these expressions to the clay that defines each artist. 

On the wall, in the jewellery cabinets and on the shelves, there are elements of figurative but the winter show is not all about people. Check out the website for a taster but better still, pop in for a sensory treat.

This mixed show includes:
Bridget Davies, Caroline Chappell, Diana Ashdown, Duncan Pass, Frances May, Felicity Flutter, Graham Sendall, Julia Jowett, Kate Penoyre, Kate Osborne, Louisa Crispin, Matt Underwood, Mary Cairns, Paul Evans, Ray Sheldon, Richard Sorrell, Sally Fitter, Sam Knowles, Sue Brown, Sue Scullard, Vicky Oldfield, Vivienne Cawson, Alison Swan, Blandine Anderson, Chrissy Silver, Christy Keeney, Gwen Vaughan, Janine Pope, Jo Smith, Karen Elizabeth Vaughan, Mary Jones, Tony Foard, Vicki Atkinson, Wendy Kershaw Ali Alldis, Adam Marsh, Darren Ellis, Fleen Doran, Grace McCarthy, Helen Beard, Holly Bell, Jane McCall, Jonathan Chiswell Jones, Jane Abbott, Jessica Jordan, Jillian Riley, Katherine Morton, Katy O’Neil, Kyra Mihailovic, Marion Brandis, Matthew Bayman, Michelle Freemantle, Sarah Grove, Selborne Pottery, Alison Boyce, Caroline Reynolds, Emily Thatcher, Helen Noakes, Leoma Drew, Liz Moys, Rachel Jones, Stuart Jenkins, Sylvain Frouin, Sophie Cadogan

About Artichoke Gallery
On the eastern edge of Sussex, surrounded by beautiful countryside, Artichoke Gallery is in the heart of Ticehurst, a Wealden village with an eclectic selection of small creative businesses and places to stay. The Gallery has a spacious, relaxed atmosphere to show off the paintings, sculpture, ceramics and jewellery, ideal for sourcing that extra special present from highly skilled artisans. 

All Shapes and Sizes opens from 21st January to 25th March 2017 (Opening: 20 January from 68 pm)

Artichoke Gallery, Church Street, 
Ticehurst TN5 7AE
Open Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am to 4.30pm
Telephone 01580 200905