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Art-an original and special gift

With Christmas fast approaching, thinking of original gifts is no mean task – even more so when the person you are buying for seems to have everything!

Buying a special piece of art for a loved one could be the answer – not only do they get an original gift, but one that can increase in value in addition to the visual pleasure it gives. Investing in art has long been the domain of the serious art collectors and many of them have significant portfolios worth considerably more than the original purchase price.

Iaysha Art Consultancy are respected art dealers who act on behalf of clients sourcing stunning artworks from up and coming artists as well as the established and highly collectible favourites. Owning a piece of art can cost from as little as £200.00 and the uplift in value could be immense. For the more established artists it is almost a given that every year the price of their works increase, but one of the many benefits of using an art consultant is securing the best quality art at the best price in the market at the time, taking the risk out of the whole process.

Working with an art consultant does not cost you anything and can become an ongoing relationship where the client is introduced to the art market with professional advised gained by many years experience in the art world.

Most importantly, art collecting must be enjoyable and the art purchased enjoyed for its ascetic beauty so that over time the collection brings pleasure to the owner as well as becoming a valuable asset.

So, whether it is an up and coming artist, a Banksy, or a Warhol contact Iaysha Art Consultancy and start investing for the future. 

Iaysha Salih, 
Art Consultant – Agent – Curator
07876 253324