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by Aspect County

Art in Tenterden

There are more art courses than art supplies in Tenterden – like the Cowshed Workshop who, from October to April hold classes in willow sculpture, wreath making, stained glass, jewellery making, sewing, metal art, and upholstery, and coming soon, creative writing and ceramics. Next year they hope to add sculpture courses using English vine clippings.

Located on the back lanes between Tenterden and Biddenden, the cowshed workshop started life as an art space for the family, though now it’s slowly turning into a hub for creative courses, bringing together years of experience and expertise of local artists and teachers to share their skills and passion.

For 202021 they have a full range of courses, some are returning favourites such as our willow sculpture courses, sewing and soft furnishings but for this coming season there’s a raft of new courses. From early autumn they have basket weaving, pewter and copper jewellery making, and a range of pottery courses. 

The Cowshed itself is a unique creative environment, which makes everyone feel at ease, but the most rewarding element is the sense of achievement and fulfilment from course participants who regularly create amazing pieces with no previous experience. This can be put down to the expertise and experience of the tutors who are accomplished artists, and collectively clock up over 100 years of experience in their chosen fields.

Tent Art IMG 0918

As The Cowshed is located on a small farm, the workshop visitors aren’t just the two-legged human kind as the farm cat loves nothing better that curling up on a spare chair for the day; then there’s the boisterous pet turkeys who like to cast a critical eye over new creations. 

The Cowshed is passionate about supporting local artists, creating a relaxed environment where course goers feel they can get creative, even if it’s been a while. 

In 2021 they’re going to explore opportunities for sculpture courses using vine clipping from their local vineyards, so students will not only be able to trace the vines back to the original vineyards, but they will be able to toast their creations with wine from the very vines.

As we have entered a new normal”, every precaution has been taken to create a safe and relaxed environment, though this does mean places will be limited on the courses. Courses range from 2 hours to 2 days starting from £40.