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Art Show Returns to Cranbrook – November 9th – 11th

November sees the much-anticipated return of The Cranbrook Art Show, after a 4‑year hiatus and what a welcome return to the Arts Calendar in the Weald it is. With so many Art Exhibitions and Galleries closing for good during the pandemic, artists and art lovers will be thrilled to see this well-respected show return looking stronger than ever for it’s 28th year. Showcasing a range of artists from familiar and collectable names, such as Karen Birchwood and Dani Humberstone, to exciting new talent exhibiting with them for the first time, like Louise Rieger and Libbi Gooch. This intimate show in the beautiful listed Vestry Hall in Cranbrook brings you a selection of the very best contemporary artists working in the south east today. 

Jane Richardson cmyk

Jane Richardson

The last four years have been a rollercoaster for so many and yet appreciation for Art and the positive impact on our wellbeing is stronger than ever, be it owning and enjoying a statement piece in your home, or just enjoying the escapism of putting pen to paper, or brush to canvas and losing yourself in the act. Art is without doubt a positive influence in our daily lives and it has the power to evoke emotions, memories, and engage the senses.

Karen Birchwood cmyk

Karen Birchwood

With shows cancelled and gallery doors shut, as the world as we knew it shut down and our lives moved online, artists used the extra studio time to develop new bodies of work, take risks, look closer at the world, and explore the potential in familiar materials, culminating in some exciting and innovative outcomes. So expect to be surprised and delighted by the new work on show from some of our artists.

Libbi Gooch cmyk

Libbi Gooch

Whilst purchasing work online has helped keep the wolf from the door for many artists and galleries, there really is nothing like seeing work up close and personal, meeting the artist and finding out the story behind the work with a personal interaction. Seeing the texture of the surface, the layers of paint or feeling the form or a sculpture, the scale or impact of the work can be completely lost in a digital format. You would miss the sand imbedded in the en Plein Air seascapes of Georgie Watson or the contrast of textures in the delicate rice paper collages on linen by Jade Taylor. The connections made during these encounters and the understanding of the work itself is only heightened; it adds another layer of memory to the potential statement piece that may go on to enrich your everyday life. 

Jade Taylor cmyk

Jade Taylor

Julian Warrender cmyk

Julian Warrender

Supporting our artists through visiting exhibitions and galleries is vital to keep this in-person experience alive and prevent the loss of any more galleries and shows. The interaction between artist, artwork and art lover is key to completing the circle. The Cranbrook Art show is a well-established event, run not for profit, by artists, for artists, with a focus on bring high quality work together for a 3 day event in the heart of the weald. So don’t miss the opportunity to experience 23 artists who come together to present a diverse show encompassing ceramics, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography and jewellery.