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ArtSpring – a mission to explore

The ArtSpring Gallery in Tonbridge is a collective of 13 talented painters, potters, jewellers, printers and glassworkers. Each has their own medium, their own style and they create a myriad of stunning work. But one thing unites them all – a desire to develop, innovate and grow as artists.

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Antonia Enthoven, for example, is a printmaker who creates wonderfully atmospheric pictures, often based upon stories and personal memories from her life. Her finished etchings are much admired, but it is making them she most enjoys. It’s all about the process for me,” she says, I love the journey of working through an idea, developing it and trying new print techniques. It’s intriguing and tremendously rewarding – you never quite know what you are going to get before it comes off the press.” 

Fellow ArtSpring member Anne McArdle also loves to experiment and learn when she is making her beautiful enamel jewellery and pots. Some parts of the process I am highly meticulous about,” she says, but other things I just let go. I do like to experiment, especially if it is a new technique I have discovered. For example, I recently made a pendant necklace (pictured) where I used riveting for the first time to attach the enamel piece to the burnished copper. That gave me a real buzz.”

Single Bloom II

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Paul Chave is another ArtSpring explorer. Drawing upon his extensive design background, he creates colourful sculptures in fused glass – especially birds – and these are mounted on large stones that Paul finds and drills into. It takes imagination, technique and not a little hard graft to create these pieces and Paul is always learning. That’s the great thing. I learn something on practically everything I do and that’s what keeps you going. Every design is different and when it works it’s a great feeling.”

These three artists exemplify the ArtSpring spirit of adventure. If you would like to see more of their work, and the creations of the other ArtSpring artists do come along to the gallery. You will receive a warm welcome and inspiration is guaranteed!

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The ArtSpring members: Anne McArdle, Antonia Enthoven, Camilla West, Claire Longley, Colin Anderson, Alf, Gillian Smith, Hilary Shields, Jane Bridger, Katie Whitfield, Marie Pearson, Paul Chave, Sarah Weatherall and Lucinda Bothwell. 

ArtSpring Gallery, 167 High St, Tonbridge. Open 114.00 Wednesday to Saturday. To Find out more visit: art​spring​gallery​.co​.uk To sign up to their newsletter visit: art​spring​gallery​.co​.uk/​p​a​g​e​s​/​a​b​o​u​t​-​a​r​t​s​pring.