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Body Cast Sculptor Louise Giblin at SEEART

For this exhibition, SEEART proudly gathers together international artist Louise Giblin’s sculptures, relief bronzes and drawings in the largest comprehensive gathering of her two and three-dimensional work anywhere in the world. Several new pieces have never been seen before while several others have not been previously exhibited in a gallery in England.

Born in 1963, Louise is a Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. She studied Sculpture B.A. Honours at Brighton plus History and Theory of Modern Art M.A. at Chelsea, London. Her tutors included Sir Antony Gormley.

As a body cast sculptor, Louise casts many pieces from living models. She then produces a body part or head copy of her model in clay and applies detailed imagery, often biographical, to the surface. This is fired in a kiln then moulded and reproduced in bronze or other media. Her body cast models include many celebrated Olympians, politicians, musicians, dancers, petrol heads, war veterans and pregnant women. She also works from imagination, creating smaller scale, delectable and sensual pieces inspired by literature, historical studies, history of art studies and life experiences.

Louise’s sculpture and drawings have exhibited in London, across the UK, in the US and Asia. Her most widely reported solo exhibitions were England and Beyond’ Hong Kong 2010, Body Casting Olympians’ London 2012, Living Legends’ and Lest We Forget’ London 2014 and Florence Biennale 2015 where she received an international Lorenzo Il Magnifico’ award for sculpture. In April 2016 she was invited to represent UK in the International Artist Grand Prize Competition in ARTaipei Fair, Asia.

Louise is working on larger scale pieces for outdoor, especially garden, sites and is casting veterans of post-1914 wars for exhibition from 2018. Louise lives and works in East Sussex. 

Louise Giblin – Exhibition July 21st28th 2016
Private view: July 20th (please contact the gallery for invitations)
The SEEArt Gallery, 50 The Upper Pantiles, Royal Tunbridge Wells,
Kent TN2 5TD. Call 01892 512365.
email: art@​seeartgallery.​co.​uk or visit the gallery’s
website at www​.seeart​gallery​.co​.uk