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Get creative this Winter

Botanical inspired art workshops

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As the days become shorter and the nights are drawing in, we all need something to keep our spirits up and a creative activity certainly does just that. We are frequently told that we must continue to stay active in winter and that applies not only to physical activity but also to the stimulation of the mind for mental wellbeing. Art is a great form of stress relief, experimentation and of course fun!

Art is for everyone, not just for practised artists and 
those in creative professions, we can all benefit from a 
little self-expression.

A cultivated garden is a form of art in itself; the patterns and harmony that the flowers and plants within the garden create are likened to the rhythm and flow of brushstrokes in a painting. The depicting of plants have embellished paintings, carvings and ceramics for centuries. So you could say art and gardens go hand in hand.

Botanical illustration


Flowers on gold leaf

Flowers on gold leaf

IMG 1361 Anne Wagstaff

Anne Wagstaff

Makingprocess by Anne Wagstaff

Anne Wagstaff

Pebblevase2 1024x1024

Pebble vase

Peonies by Louise Dean

Peonies by Louise Dean

To continue the tradition, Great Comp Garden in Platt, near Sevenoaks, has launched an extensive collection of art workshops for budding creatives to join from November through to February 2022, when the garden is usually closed to visitors. The series of workshops has been inspired by the seven-acre garden at Great Comp, home to William Dyson’s world-famous salvia collection. Many of the workshops focus on botanicals and take their inspiration from nature. 

The art workshops include lino printing, sculpting ceramic seed heads from stoneware clay, landscape painting, gold-leaf, oils for beginners and botanical painting from experienced art teachers such as Louise Dean. Louise will host the first workshop on Wednesday 3rd November where participants will select flowers and foliage from the garden and learn to paint them in a loose’ watercolour freestyle.

Great Comp Garden Trustee, and organiser of the workshops, Pauline Gibson says we hope that people will enjoy the art courses that are being held this winter on site at Great Comp. It’s wonderful to be able to offer this beautiful space as a place for people to learn an artistic skill and enjoy access to the inspiring garden during the closed season.’

Pre-booking is essential for each workshop. The cost of each workshop includes lunch, beverages and all materials. Participants will get to experience and take inspiration from the garden and then go on to create their masterpieces. For more details and to book see their website.