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Joining a Membership Scheme is a benefactor’s way of showing support for something that they’re passionate about, believe in, and want others to benefit from as well. Whether it’s the National Trust, the National Theatre, or a local museum and art gallery – loyalty schemes can make all the difference to the reach and accessibility of a venue and its work. 

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Historically, artists have relied on wealthy benefactors to support them through difficult times and help bring a vision to life. Shakespeare was well known for his reliance on Royal Patrons to stage his work and King Charles, who frequented the theatre, was renowned for his patronage (and dalliances) with the celebrity actress Nell Gwyn. Even on his death bed, his parting request was for Nell to be looked after – Let not poor Nelly starve”.

Today, as we look forward to our audiences returning, we are keen to rekindle the relationship we had with them before our stages fell dark,” says Carole Winter, Producer at Assembly Hall Theatre.

Tunbridge Wells is lucky to have a thriving cultural scene, with three local theatres, the new Amelia that contains the museum, art gallery and wellbeing services, and many other live entertainment venues – all of which play a vital role in the communities they serve. Not only do they support the local economy, they also bring people together, helping to reduce social isolation, improving wellbeing.

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People want to see their town thriving, offer vibrant and exciting creative opportunities for everyone who works, live and learns here,” Carole continues. As a result, loyalty schemes are flourishing. Many people will join for pure philanthropic reasons, simply to encourage the arts to reach as many people as possible. For others, the promise of priority-booking and ticket discounts is an attractive proposition. Whatever the reason, this important income offers a lifeline to a venue’s future,” 

If this sounds like you – join Assembly Hall Theatre! Becoming a member of CIRCLE gives you the opportunity to play a direct part in helping to make a difference to people’s lives in such a positive way. Be it learning about the theatre’s heritage with our backstage tours, using the venue to showcase your own events, or simply providing support – every element contributes to making a difference.

There’s an option for everyone too and you can join in the way that suits you. The Directors Circle and Ambassador tiers bring you right into the tapestry of the venue while Supporter+, Supporter and Friend tiers allow you to lend your support while still enjoying a handful of those benefits at the same time. 

All the details are at:

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