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Steven Brown Art

As a symbol of hope for a brighter future, rainbows and brightly coloured window art have become synonymous with lockdown’, and with one colour-centric Scottish artist experiencing a significant surge in sales.

Steven Brown Art, known for its colourful McCoo Cows, characterful animals and bright, bold abstract prints, has experienced a 30 percent uplift in online business during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the artist’s work tapping into the UK’s primal love of colour that has also seen people decorating widows, trees and pavements during this time of uncertainty.

The company has also been offering free downloadable colouring sheets for children and adults alike, keeping families both North and South of the border occupied and filling homes with colour. Steven Brown, Artist and Brand Ambassador for the company, said: At what is an incredibly unsettling and worrying time for most, we’ve had so many families send us photos of their colouring-in sheets, and some other incredible art that has been inspired by our work.”

The company has seen a distinct rise in canvas sales, with Steven’s wall art promising to bring an instant hit of colour” to any home. The nation’s current obsession with everything multi-coloured has also led to Steven Brown Art bringing forward the launch of their latest Colouring Book (Volume 3), with Volumes 1 and 2 currently completely sold out.

The majority of the company’s printed canvases and lifestyle products are produced by Derbyshire-based The Blackfish Group, a creative marketing and print company that have been given the green flag to stay open during this time, printing technical labels for one of its key clients manufacturing Ventilators, as well as providing marketing support to the care home sector.

You can explore the colourful world of Steven Brown Art on his website.

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Steven Brown Art is a household name. His colourful characters, landscapes and lifestyle products add an attractive twist to any home, with a design to suit everyone.

It’s easy to see the charm of these eye-catching collections, but how did Steven Brown surge into our lives? What’s so special about this business, bursting with talent, energy and drive?

In 2012, Steven suffered two heart attacks and during his recovery and a period of depression that followed, he took up his paintbrush as a form of therapy. While at home, he experimented with colour and materials, developing an abstract technique, which allowed him to grow into the artist we know and love. 

The popular appeal of Steven’s style quickly became apparent, when his first McCoo, Harris’, was received with tears of joy from its recipient. Encouraged by friends, Auld Tam’ was then successfully painted and auctioned for Ayrshire charity, Cash for Kids’. The Tree of Aura’ was painted shortly afterwards as a personal piece to reflect growth and hope for the future. After these early successes, it was time to move to the premises in Ayr that’s now Steven Brown Art. 

The McZoo family has been inspired by Steven’s passion for elephants. Just like the McCoos, the public has wholly embraced all the new animals in his portfolio.

Steven was born in 1972 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Although he loved art at school and dreamed of becoming an artist, he found himself in the retail profession, where he worked until 2012. After moving to Irvine in 1992, he met his wife Caroline. They live a simple family life, happy to be close to their three children and two grandchildren.


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