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Unique gifts for a special time

There is one thing that unifies all the lovely paintings, pottery, jewellery, prints and glass that you will find at the Artspring Gallery in Tonbridge – each piece is absolutely unique. So if you are looking for a special gift for someone – maybe for Christmas or a birthday – then Artspring is the place to find that hand-crafted personal gift.

60 x 45 Winter trees

Colin Anderson

M O13wud0

Hilary Shields

Camilla West, for example, creates jewellery that is very personal and connects her to the people she makes it for. When someone buys a piece of my jewellery,” she says, I feel that I am sharing something about myself, or how I feel about the world with another person.”

Glassmaker Hilary Shield, also gets a huge buzz from creating something that others will enjoy. I love the bright colours that you can get with glass,” she says, and the way the sunlight casts beautiful, coloured shadows. This works so well at this time of year when I can create Christmas decorations to add sparkle to people’s homes.”

The fifteen artists who make up the Artspring collective are very mindful of their connection to the community and always keen to support local creative activities. So from January 10 — 27 they will be hosting their latest Open Exhibition called Transformation’ which will feature the work of 25 local artists and makers. 

Do pop in! – you’ll receive a special welcome.

Katie Whitbread

Katie Whitbread


Marie Pearson

Camilla West WES227 Blue and yellow earrings 2 1

Camilla West

The Artspring members are: Anne McArdle, Antonia Enthoven, Camilla West, Claire Longley, Colin Anderson, Alf, Gillian Smith, Julia Stockwell-Hamid, Steve Lunn, Hilary Shields, Jane Bridger, Katie Whitbread, Marie Pearson, Paul Chave and Sarah Weatherall.