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Window on the World

The practice of staining glass for decorative purposes can be traced back to ancient Rome. To modern-day viewers stained-glass windows may seem purely decorative, but during the Middle Ages they illustrated not only biblical narratives but also local history and political authority. 


Take a visit to York Minster, one of the greatest of all European cathedrals, and behold the domineering east-facing window, which is the largest expanse of medieval stained glass in the country. 

During the Renaissance stained glass went into decline and it wasn’t until the 19th Century that the art form resurfaced with much more organic and abstract style thanks to the Arts and Crafts movement and the likes of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, William Morris and Louis Comfort Tiffany.

On a practical level, the term stained glass’ mainly applies to permanently painted and fired glass, such as the figures and details found in church windows or traditional leaded lights. However, the term has become commonly used to mean any work, which utilises cut pieces of coloured glass used to create a picture or pattern. Stained glass comprises of pieces of coloured, clear or textured glass, cut into shapes that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. 

Hermitage hall door panels

Stained glass windows are one of the most striking elements of décor that you can add to your home. It can transform a room, to give a classical feel or a more contemporary style either way creating a sophisticated and luxurious space. Installing stained glass in your home can add a burst of colour to a dark corner, can diffuse light and equally provide light to a poorly lit space. 

Kim Roberts of Ark Stained Glass creates truly unique leaded stained glass and fused glass items to enhance the beauty of your home. With over twenty years experience, Kim makes all her pieces by hand in her Sussex studio, using only the best high quality materials and traditional methods including leading (using lead profiles to link the glass sections together) and the use of copper foiling for more delicate pieces. 

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You can choose a design from the extensive library of source books at Ark Stained Glass or Kim can work with you to create something unique and individual based on your own ideas or photos. If you have a window that has sentimental value, which you have salvaged from a previous home Ark Stained Glass can carry out repairs and alter it to fit in a new design and restore damaged pieces to bring the glass to life once more.