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Elevating Workplace Comfort: The Evolution of Ergonomic Chairs - A Q&A with SitSmart’s Matt Hutchinson

What is an ergonomic chair and what are the benefits of investing in one?
There are no downsides to investing in a good ergonomic chair. With more people than ever hybrid working it’s crucial for overall health and wellbeing to be sitting in a comfortable, supportive chair. A quality ergonomic chair should feature a variety of adjustments and be suitable for all shapes and sizes, aiding back and neck issues and encourage active sitting. It’s well worth measuring the cost of investing in a quality, adjustable chair against expensive back treatment in the future.

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How has the chair industry changed over the last four years?
Covid changed the chair industry dramatically as more people were working from home, possibly sitting on old stools or dining room chairs. Now it is an integral part of how many businesses work so they are investing more in making sure their employees are sitting as well as possible at home as they do in the office. The last thing any employer wants is absent, sick staff as this could end up costing a company a lot of money in the long run. People are also now more knowledgeable about ergonomics and what they want so accessories such as lumbar pumps, neck rests and armrests are becoming more and more popular.


What experience can SitSmart bring to potential purchasers?
SitSmart has over 20 years’ experience supplying businesses and home workers with high quality ergonomic chairs. We work closely with manufacturers, acting as consultants, to make sure their products are compatible with the UK and European markets. Numerous chairs in the development stage are being brought to the market and with our experience we are able to advise on what works for our customers including fabrics, structure materials and easy to use adjustments and accessories.

What kind of clientele would use your products?
Anyone from national companies such as Network Rail and the NHS to local schools and clinics, commercial offices or home workers. 24-hour seating is also a big part of the business as anyone sitting for long periods of time, such as control room staff, need a robust, ergonomically designed chair.

What are the benefits of a properly managed workstation?
If a workstation is correctly set up it can prove to be a beneficial preventative measure against future health issues, such as back or neck pain or RSI. By starting with a properly fitted chair and desk the rest can fall into place. A lot more people are also choosing height adjustable desks giving them the choice to work standing up or sitting – a height adjustable stool, such as a saddle stool, works with the natural shape of the body and offers an ideal alternative to a chair.

How can we help you?
SitSmart offers a try before you buy’ service to ensure you select the right chair for your needs. We offer expert advice at our Tunbridge Wells-based showroom open from Monday to Friday, 9am — 4.30pm, where you can also trial our chairs and stools. Make an appointment now and you’ll never look back!