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Grow your business

The quote If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there” is very true. Whether you’re an established business or just starting up, the direction in which you take forms the key foundation of your business plan. You may need to take a step back from your plan to help you really nail down what you want to achieve from your business, your values and your customer service proposition in order to set the firm foundation of your business going forward.

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Business coaching
Just like sports professionals, business owners also need coaching. This is because whilst most top athletes have a good degree of natural capability, they all need guidance for them to perform to their full potential. This too is applied to business professionals, whilst many are great at what they do, it’s also true that most haven’t had much professional training or guidance on how to run or grow a business. Quite often you find that the brains behind the business are fabulous technicians full of hopes and aspirations, but some find that they fall short of their initial dream due to lack of grounded guidance.

Business plan
Deciding your business direction isn’t just about writing a plan for backing from banks and investors, it’s about determining what the values of your business are, it’s seating within the marketplace and what you can provide for your customers. 

Mission and service statements
Creating a mission statement clearly defines what it is you do, why you are doing it and who are your consumers. When writing this, avoid the common trap of trying to summarise everything you do as a business in a generic way. For instance, everyone wants to deliver great customer service, that’s just a given, it needs to have personality without jargon or over used buzz words. The statement should be shared within your team as a source of inspiration to grow the business and a happy workforce. Likewise, a transparent service statement published on your website of social media platforms helps to cement your company values in your customer’s mind.

Top tips for growing your business

• Find the purpose of your company and its importance beyond an income.

• Understand your team culture within your business.

• Research your consumer demographic. 

• Be transparent with your customers.

• Write a plan. Even if it’s written on the back of a cardboard box! 

• Establish where you are right now and where you want to be. 

You can still have a successful, profitable business without having a business direction, a team culture and a service statement but by having them and sharing them, you could increase your success level, become even more profitable and hopefully enjoy your business more.

Emma Cole from Growth Coach is passionate about making businesses better and aims to provide help and support to business owners looking to find greater success, enjoyment and happiness, not just for them but for their team and customers. You can contact Emma for a free 90 minute, no obligation, discovery call to help build your business. 

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