by Aspect County

How lifestyle brands can get pr savvy in 2022 – Top tips from GEC PR

As we start a new year, now is a good time for brands to look at their communications strategy for the year ahead and develop ways to help raise the company’s profile through PR and marketing activity. A well-planned PR strategy helps to establish a strong identity and trust with potential customers and clients and is an essential tool for increasing awareness.

To help lifestyle brands get PR savvy in 2022, here are a selection of tips to help businesses spread the word about their products and services.

PR and marketing top tips include:

  • Firstly, spend some time thinking about who your target audience and customer is. What are the attributes associated with this audience? What do they like doing? This will help tailor the ideas and content to reach the most relevant people for your product.
  • Sit down with the team and create a content plan for the year. Are there any big news announcements taking place or seasonal times of the year that can provide a good hook to shout about your brand? Use these themes and ideas to build a plan which reflects your company values, making sure the content is spread out across the year.
  • Look at ways to share these ideas and topics, including your own communication channels and resources. Draft blog posts for the company website, send news announcements out in e‑newsletters to your client or customer database and share posts across social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • One of the most important elements of PR is media relations, which consists of establishing and building relationships with journalists and content creators interested in your sector. PR agencies build extensive databases of key contacts, so they can reach out to them for press release sell-ins and feature ideas. Get in touch with one or two journalists or content creators, who live locally or write for publications published in the area around your business, and contact them to introduce the brand.
  • If you have a big news announcement to make during the year or will be launching a new product, think about hosting a launch event. This could be held virtually or in-person and is a great opportunity to showcase the brand through one-to-one networking with media and content creators, and an opportunity to deliver a short presentation on your brand. A PR agency can help organise and manage this on your behalf, ensuring the most relevant media attend and that coverage is published following the event.

High-quality PR coverage is a highly effective way to build customer trust and attract new customers or clients. Regardless of the size of the business or company, whether a start-up or a more established product, PR is a vital tool in improving brand awareness and can be a cost-effective way of reaching existing and potential customers. 

Sarah Salord, Company Director at GEC PR