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Lockdown is lifting... What now for small businesses?

March is full of promise. The daffodils are blooming, evenings are getting lighter, and Boris has finally given us a route map out of lockdown.

After months of being unable to plan, the possibilities are opening up again for businesses all over the UK. So when it comes to marketing and PR, what should small businesses focus on in the coming weeks? My key advice for the coming weeks is as follows:

Ring the Changes: Make it clear how your business will change in light of new lockdown guidance. As soon as you can, update your website to show revised opening times and dates. If you’re unsure about this right now, do make clear that you will be updating your website as soon as you can, so costumers should check back soon.

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Reassurance: Do you need to reassure your customer base? Post lockdown, we will all want to know how and where we spend our money will no compromise our safety or leave us out of pocket, so why not table this head on via your website, newsletters or via press releases.

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Remind your customers who you are: As we emerge from the pandemic, it is highly likely that we will all be more careful about where we spend our money, so do remember that old (but wise) adage that people like to buy from people, not faceless brands. Share stories about your employees as well as you the brand owner to enable better connection with customers. Don’t be shy — remember this is not about ego but for the profile-raising good of your business!

Fiona Anderson, Company Director, GEC PR Ltd.

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