by Aspect County

Mustard - It’s way more than a spice condiment

Instagram sensation Mustard Made UK marks their first year in business, dedicating 27 September to small business inspiration in Covent Garden, London.

It all started with a long walk beside the ocean. Sisters, Becca and Jess, who lived on opposite ends of the earth, wanted to start a business together. Then the idea of metal lockers came to mind – Becca has a thing for them.

Then the research began, reading, brainstorming, dreaming, meetings, writing endless lists, and sourcing a manufacturer that could bring the vision to life. When they got all this done, they booked a space at a trade show in Sydney and launched. Samples were made, photos were taken, branding nailed and lists got ticked off. It was happening.

They borrowed props, cars and storage space. They needed babysitting, favours and opinions on everything from colour choices to web design. Our family and friends held us up and pushed them on. The rest of the story is being written now.

Marking their first anniversary, Mustard decided they wanted to be the kind of brand that is open and honest about their journey, in the hope that it will inspire other young business owners and start-ups. For the sisters, this means being transparent about the tough stuff but also taking time to share and celebrate the wins.

With Becca living in Australia and Jess here in the UK, Mustard had the opportunity to launch the brand globally by making use of their ever-expanding social media presence.

One year in, with thousands of lockers now in homes and workspaces across the world, the pair wanted to mark the occasion with those that have helped and inspired them.

During the day of 7th November, the space will be open for all and customers are invited to meet and shop with some of Mustard’s favourite small businesses like Antipodream’ for colourful Australian homeware; the hottest new lighting brand House of’; handmade stationery from Oh Squirrel’, creator of Oliver Bonas’ top selling cards; and indoor plants from the freshest plant delivery company, Beards and Daisies. There will be two creative workshops and two informative sofa sessions’.

Our vision for the day is to scoop up everyone that comes along for the ride. Small business is both challenging and inspiring, so we want to share what we’ve learnt, make connections, lift each other up and celebrate with a few gin and tonics!” says Becca.

The evening will be a chance to learn more about the new partnership between Mustard and Beam, a world first crowd-funding platform. Beam founder Alex Stephany will be talking about how they raise funds for people experiencing homelessness, becoming a vital bridge to getting people into work they can thrive in.