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Christmas is stressful at the best of times, but if your relationship is in difficulty, then the pressures of the holiday period can, sadly, sometimes leads couples to go their separate ways. Couples may simply stay together over the holiday period for the sake of family, but plan to separate in the New Year. If you are in this position, then it may be worth stopping to consider the following before you take any action:

• Seek support
• Do not make snap decisions about your future, your finances or about moving out 
• If possible, carry on talking, but avoid making any commitment 
• Avoid involving children in adult conversations
• Take time to consider your finances and that of the family. Do you know what you have or how much you will need to live on?
• Do not take your partner’s financial documents without their consent
• Speak to a specialist family law solicitor in the New Year.

There is no need to stop communicating altogether, but should you decide to proceed with a separation, avoid reaching a final agreement, particularly in relation to finances, without first taking legal advice.

To find out more, speak to a member of our specialist family law team.

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