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Baba+Boo reusable nappies

Reusable nappy company Baba+Boo is on a mission to help parents live simpler, more sustainable lives by offering a more environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic nappies as every year millions of nappies find their way into landfill or strewn on our beaches, choking our sea life and harming our ecosystems. That’s why Baba+Boo launched its simple, reusable nappies, in order to help reduce the reliance on unsustainable options.

Nappies are just another part of our throwaway culture, with an average of three billion nappies being thrown away every year in the UK. Many people aren’t aware that single-use nappies are a big contributor to plastic pollution, with many taking up to 500 years to decompose.

Baba+Boo strives to get parents thinking differently about reusable nappies by reframing the conversations and showing just how easy, cost-effective, and stylish they are. Eve Bell founded Baba+Boo when she was on maternity leave with two children under two. She comments:

For me, Baba+Boo was a passion project which has spiralled into something which I truly love. I still get goosebumps when I read reviews and testimonials from our customers on how our products have helped their busy lives.

From a young age, my dad instilled the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling and that’s an ethos which runs throughout Baba+Boo. Everyone knows the age-old adage that we’re stronger together, and when it comes to the future of our planet this has never been truer. We know that we can’t save the world on our own, but if we come together to make small, sustainable changes, we can help to build a greener future for our children.”

Look out for the new range which launched in July, and features a new wave’ nappy in partnership with City To Sea – an environmental not-for-profit. Ten percent of profits made from there nappy sales go towards helping the charity fight plastic pollution. 

Baba + Boo Reusable Nappies
Here at Baba+Boo, our reusable nappies are designed to help parents live simpler, more sustainable lives. 

All our products are waterproof pocket nappies, which means there’s a pocket at the back where absorbent inserts are placed. Every one of our nappies comes with two bamboo mix inserts, which are kind on skin and kind to the planet. 

We also know that as much as we don’t want them to, our babies grow way too quickly! That’s where our popper system on our nappies comes in. Simply snap the poppers together to make the nappy smaller, or as your baby grows, undo them to make the nappy bigger.

We’ve kept our nappes as simple as possible, especially when it comes to washing them. After use, knock any solids into the toilet then throw them in the wash at 60°C (although many parents find that 40°C is sufficient). It can help to put the nappies on a cold rinse before washing to ensure all the solids have been washed away before the washing cycle.

Baba+Boo Reusable Bamboo Wipes
Every year billions of wet wipes find their way onto our beaches, polluting our oceans and taking over 100 years to biodegrade – this is a problem which looks set to continue. That’s why we’re proud to offer a reusable bamboo alternative to single-use wipes.

Once you’ve used them, just throw them in the wash with your nappies and the rest of your washing. 

Sold in packs of five, each wipe measures 18x18cm, and because you can use them repeatedly – they’re kind to your pocket and the planet.