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Battle Abbey School – Extended Project Qualifications 2020/21 Results

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an A‑level standard qualification,” says Craig Austen White, Director of Studies at Battle Abbey School. It involves choosing a topic, carrying out research, then compiling either a 5,000-word thesis or creating a product, plus a 1,500-word report.”

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Universities claim the EPQ is an excellent preparation for undergraduate study, as it gives real evidence of independent, critical thinking. It is a stand-alone qualification which enthuses students and offers the opportunity for open debate and research on their own topic. 

Students from Year 12 can opt to take the EPQ, alongside their Sixth Form subjects. They will be taught skills such as effective research and time management. All pupils have a supervisor and subject mentors who assess their progress regularly. 

The students’ get to choose their own academically useful topic, either related to their current course of study, or their future career.

Project titles for this year is a diverse mix: 

  • Are psychopaths a result of nature or nurture? 
  • The psychology of interior Design. 
  • Will Fusion energy be on the grid in the next 30 years? 
  • How beneficial and plausible is the construction of a space elevator? 
  • Will the journalism industry last forever? 
  • And a project on Body Dysmorphia. 

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There are numerous practical projects, including one student whose project focused on turning spoons into rings; another who built a projectile firing robot capable of hitting targets from a variety of ranges; plus a pupil whose project design was an environmentally friendly dress.

Battle Abbey School’s Headmaster, David Clark, says: It’s been a trying year for students and staff alike and, despite some last-minute amendments to the marking schemes, the pupils managed to turn out a fantastic set of results that will leave them well placed to meet University offers in September. Under the excellent stewardship of our EPQ coordinator, Miss Michelle St. Aubyn, more Battle Abbey School pupils than ever are completing an EPQ. It’s fast becoming an academic cornerstone of the school’s Sixth Form offering.”

Battle Abbey School are proud to announce that their pupils have achieved remarkable 100 percent A* to C grades with 65 percent of grades at A and A*.