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by Aspect County

Cranmore School, one of Surrey’s leading prep schools, offers an unrivalled, broad-ranging academic focus that challenges young enquiring minds. The extensive 25 acre site has superb sports and music facilities providing opportunities for all.

Cranmore’s outstanding inspection report highlights its strengths across every aspect of school life including academic, sport, music, extra-curricular activities and, of course, pastoral care:
The pupils’ personal development is supported by excellent pastoral care, based onthe teachers’ good knowledge of individuals, and caring relationships. Relationships are positive both between staff and pupils and among the pupils themselves.”

There is very little that Cranmore does not offer: from Mandarin to Greek or rowing to skiing, it is truly a learning environment for girls 2½ – 7 and boys 2½ – 13!
Upcoming Open Mornings are 1314 March, 8 May