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Embracing a growth mindset

Sevenoaks Prep is building upon its strong values by embracing a Growth Mindset approach to personal development.

Your mindset is that little voice in your head that directs your thoughts. It is created by all the beliefs you have about life and the people in your life, shaped by the events in your life and how you were taught to interpret them by the people around you. For example, if you failed a maths test in school did you say I’m not good at maths” or did you say If I work harder, I can do better”? If you failed to score a goal, did you say to yourself I can’t play this game” or did you say I’m going to keep practicing until I score”?

Natural talent can only take you so far. It might give a person a head start but in the end, natural talent is rarely enough to keep a person successful over the long haul. In the long run, work and effort play a more important role in success.”

Sevenoaks Prep, are conscious of the importance of a Growth Mindset in everything they do. They value the ability to embrace challenges by not being afraid of failure and using any set back to stretch and grow. They want pupils to believe that their abilities change depending on the effort they put into changing them and that anything is achievable if the effort is put in. Their sense of self-worth should come from the process of growth and learning and not from external sources.

Luke Harrison, Headmaster, says We see great value in empowering our pupils through a Growth Mindset vocabulary, which complements our Way Of Life values and strengthens our ethos. We are proud of the resilience, self-confidence and success of our pupils.” 

To arrange a visit, contact Clare Harrison:
admissions@​theprep.​org.​uk, Tel: 01732 762336