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Everlasting Love

Romantics hoping to reaffirm their love for one another often choose to renew their wedding vows. It’s another display of commitment and a wonderful opportunity to relive the cherished moments from the wedding day and to celebrate the happiness and enduring love they have for each other.

Why and when to renew your vows?
It is an opportunity to formally declare your love for your partner once again and to celebrate the lasting relationship in an intimate ceremony just for the two of you or in front of family and friends. It may be that the originally wedding took place many years ago and perhaps you’ve reached a milestone anniversary which you want to mark in a very special way, or was the original ceremony less extravagant than hoped and you are now able to have the celebration of your dreams? Either way, there is no right or wrong time to renew your vows, it just has to feel like the right time to do so for both of you.

People and relationships change and so you might like to update your vows to meanings more relevant to your current circumstances thereby marking the start of a new chapter. Some couples also chose to get their original wedding rings engraved for the occasion.

It’s also an opportunity to surprise your partner. Why not organise the renewal ceremony yourself? Showing your partner that you’re still the old romantic they fell in love with!

The ceremony
Unlike a wedding there are no legalities, traditions or formalities to adhere to. The occasion can be as relaxed or as structured as you like, with some couples choosing to appoint a celebrant to make the occasion more formal. Or perhaps you can call on your original best man and/or maid of honour to lead the ceremony. 

This also applies to the dress code, where anything goes. Is this the time to wear the big poufy dress and sharp suit you dreamed of or are you planning to renew your vows on a beach? In which case sandals and a linen dress/suit might be more appropriate. 

When picking a venue think about a location that holds fond memories for you, making the whole day more special and bespoke to you and your partner. But who should be invited? The ceremony is usually a much more intimate affair, so it is often kept to the closest loved ones, or just to yourselves and the celebrant, to share your special moment. 

Whatever your reason for renewing your vows, 2022 might be your year, and in the words of the well-known Beatles song… All you need is love!