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Extended Learning From Battle Abbey

Just before School broke up for the Summer, Battle Abbey School Sixth Form Pupils hosted the launch event for the school’s brand-new annual academic publication, Extend’.

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Extend is an academic journal that gives pupils the opportunity to explore themes of interest, that go well beyond the school curriculum, encompassing the arts, politics, global issues and current events. 

Corbyn Smithers, Sixth Form Pupil, and Extend coordinator, editor and article contributor said; Representatives of the school, be it student, staff member, or parent, came together to produce what we believe is an intriguing and insightful academic journal, which aims to give readers a broad range of topics and articles that they are bound to find interesting and informative. 

The articles inside are entirely the authors’ creations, having been given free rein to write about whatever topic they choose according to their passions, and as such we have collectively produced a diverse paper on issues spanning from the arts, sports, and humanities to politics, economics, and global affairs. We are proud to be the editors of the first edition of what will become an annual publication at the school, that we are sure will only grow in stature’.

The launch event at the Abbey saw parents, staff and governors come together to celebrate this wonderful achievement. 


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