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Battle Abbey School’s latest cohort of iGCSE Maths candidates have exceeded expectations with some truly amazing results. 62% of candidates scored A* or A grades and 100% secured A* – C grade – a big record for the school.
David Clark, Headmaster, said; We predicted good results from our iGCSE cohort but the actual figures were even better than expected. Our excellent Maths department, under the leadership of Mr Tumi, is rapidly turning into a flagship department for the School and one that is securing plaudits from across the region. Not only have our students secured these record-breaking grades, but more of them than ever are competing successfully in national Maths competitions including the internationally recognised Maths Olympiad.’
Mr Tumi is working alongside some extraordinarily talented colleagues who adopt a wide variety of teaching styles and this has really made the difference in engaging some of the pupils who have previously found Maths especially challenging. As a team they have not only made Maths more accessible they have also added some fascinating Maths related special events to the calendar including a Mission to Mars’ workshop day and an Enigma Code’ breaking day, featuring James Grimes, the great YouTube educator and Maths guru.’
In addition to leading the Maths department, Mr Tumi also heads up the increasingly popular Battle Abbey School Young Engineers Club. It boasts over 50 regular members who are involved in planning and building a range of interesting devices including a weather station, a drone and a highly popular project that involves dismantling a lawnmower engine in order to power a Go Kart. 

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