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King’s School Canterbury

The King’s School, Canterbury has been educating and looking after young people for fourteen centuries. With origins dating back to 597AD, King’s is a school founded on the principle of a Christian ethos, based on outstanding pastoral care of young people. It is one of the UK’s leading co-educational boarding schools, located in the historic city of Canterbury, under one hour from Central London.

The pastoral care at King’s is central to the success of the pupils in the school. It is very hard for pupils to thrive academically if they are unhappy in another aspect of their life. Similarly, it is difficult for pupils to be happy if they are not able to cope academically.

All pupils at King’s are members of a House. It is not only a physical base, but also, ideally, a community small enough to accord each of its members the regard and attention of a family. Each House, of which there are sixteen, is looked after by a Housemaster or Housemistress (HsMs) and other key members of staff which include deputy HsMs, Matrons and Tutors. Pupils build strong and supportive relationships with all members of their House teams.

The Tutor System has existed at King’s since 1886. All academic staff are attached to a house and have a tutor group, consisting of about ten pupils. Tutors play a key pastoral role in the life of their tutee and encourage their wider interests and participation in co-curricular activities, and the cultural and sporting life of the school.

The School has a well-equipped Health Centre run by a team of qualified nurses that provides twenty-four-hour cover throughout the term and four qualified school Psychotherapists and Counsellors alongside the Chaplaincy team who are available to staff and pupils, of all religions or none, as a friendly advisor and counsellor.

King’s is situated within the Precincts of Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Such a setting, by its very nature, creates a close-knit and warm-hearted community that is spiritually aware, historically informed and appreciative of aesthetic beauty. Excellent pastoral care means that adolescents can grow up in a secure and nurturing environment where individuals value the success of others as much as they enjoy their own triumphs. The energy and the spirit of the pupils are a worthy match for the exceptional environment.