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Little Vines Can Lead to Great Things

Situated in the most beautiful setting in East Sussex, Little Vines Nursery offers a nurturing and stimulating environment for children aged 2 – 4 years of age, and is an integral part of the wider school community. The aim is to provide younger children with rich opportunities to enable them to build strong foundations from which they can grow and flourish. Ensuring that all the building blocks of the EYFS are embedded with a focus on social and emotional development, language and communication, and physical skills. The school values the importance of the children having a voice and teaches them twenty-first century skills” to enable them to grow and become unique, strong and independent young people.

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Little Vines pride themselves on ensuring the highest quality teaching. Within the Little Vines team there are three qualified teachers who work with, and are supported by, inspiring, dedicated and nurturing early years practitioners. Alongside this team there are specialist subject teachers who provide weekly gym, music, French, balance bikes and gardening lessons.

Ensuring an excellent partnership with the families, the aim is to work together to ensure the best outcome for every child. The children’s emotional well-being is paramount; without this fundamental building block children cannot learn. Teaching and supporting this process, Little Vines introduced Pre-Prep Pals, which are the Vinehall School learning dispositions. These puppet Pals are introduced from the first day and teach the youngest children to be resilient, curious, take risks and be critical thinkers.

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No day is ever the same at Little Vines as days are led by the children’s interests. Through their play, children gain confidence as they explore, set their own goals and solve problems. The skilled team observe and spend time getting to know each child and provide a rich learning environment in which they can play and explore, actively learning as well as being able to think creatively and critically. 

Little Vines is a very happy and extremely nurturing setting, with excellent facilities, where each child can thrive in an environment that supports their unique developmental needs and celebrates their individuality. 


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