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We talked to Toby Payne-Cook, Pre-Senior Baccalaureate (PSB) Leader at Marlborough House in Hawkhurst, about the recent introduction of the PSB at the school in September 2019.

Why create a new assessment framework for Years 7 and 8?
The way senior schools select pupils has changed significantly with the introduction of ISEB Pre-Testing. Common Entrance therefore no longer serves as the entrance test to Independent Senior Schools. This has provided an opportunity to evaluate and modernise our academic curriculum, allowing our children the opportunity to rediscover their love of learning and gain the skills needed to thrive in senior school and beyond.

Tell us more about the PSB
The new PSB at Marlborough House fuses their established character education with a refreshed, vibrant and modern take on a rigorous, engaging, enriching curriculum; developing the skills children will need to thrive as adults in the 21st century. Marlborough House sits alongside just 30 other Prep Schools, transitioning towards this knowledge-rich, skills-orientated framework, built upon character and learning virtues. 
With widespread endorsement from Senior Schools, the PSB at Marlborough House is a wonderful opportunity to inspire, enrich and deepen learning in every aspect of school life.

At Tonbridge we have moved away from the requirement to pass CE to confirm entry and have done so, in large part, to allow schools such as Marlborough House, to offer a programme of study which will better suit the needs of their pupils as they grow up in the 21st century.”
Andrew Leale, Director of Admissions at Tonbridge School

We are delighted that you are introducing a curriculum which is more relevant in preparing students for their move to secondary school and we fully support this initiative.”
Katy Ricks, Headmistress of Sevenoaks

High Street, Hawkhurst, Kent TN18 4PY. Tel: 01580 753555