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Plant your Christmas Tags – and turn them into wildflowers

Green Planet Paper is a new, sustainable British stationery company and it has launched stylish, 100 percent eco-friendly Christmas cards and gift tags. Each one is plantable; designed specifically to be planted in a window box or garden after use, rather than thrown away.

The numbers around our packaging waste during the Christmas season are stark. For instance, last year in the UK, we used enough wrapping paper to cover Big Ben 260,000 times and disposed of approximately 1‑billion Christmas cards and gift tags – roughly the equivalent of 33 million trees.

Green Planet Paper festive tags and cards have been designed to minimise waste and give back to the environment, as each one is made in the UK, on paper embedded with wildflowers and grass seeds native to our shores. Use them, then plant them and watch them bloom into life.
The chic white Christmas Gift Tags come in a range of shapes (Christmas tree, Bell, Bauble, Heart, Star, Present and Classic Rectangle). Plantable tags come in packs of 10, with a choice of either red or green candy twist cotton string (made in the UK). RRP £6 or 10