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Re-Imagining Education

In the landscape of education, Hazelwood School is fundamentally redefining the role of educators, echoing Sir Ken Robinson’s sentiments in Imagine If.” They believe that their true calling is to cultivate the conditions where growth, development, and learning can flourish, acknowledging that this endeavor is akin to being in the miracle business.

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Hazelwood School is an independent coeducational school set amongst 25 acres of glorious woodlands on the Surrey-Kent border. Established in 1890 the school is vibrant and thriving, valuing the traditions of the past yet fully embracing the very best of modern education. Their educational philosophy revolves around nurturing young minds, instilling curiosity, compassion, and courage. They are committed to empowering their students to thrive in an increasingly intricate and uncertain world, fostering a spirit of innovation and change-making. 

At the heart of their approach lies the integration of real-life experiences into the curriculum. Hazelwood School places a strong emphasis on providing students with authentic engagements that involve real people, issues, relationships, and contexts. These experiences encourage students to delve into relevant problems, demanding genuine explanations, solutions, or innovations.

Underpinning this ethos are bold decisions made by the school’s leadership, such as the implementation of a condensed timetable for Years 7 and 8. This Electives’ program, held on Fridays, allows students to explore unconventional topics like robotics, community outreach, graphic design, and forensic science. The focus is no longer solely on academic outcomes; rather, there’s a profound recognition of the pivotal role of soft skills in shaping a child’s future from the early stages of education.


The school’s commitment to a Relevant and Creative Lens is evident through their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) project. Students across all levels, from Reception to Year 8, undertook a nine-week journey studying the 17 SDGs. They were tasked with devising collaborative solutions to these global challenges, integrating academic knowledge creatively. The outcomes were impressive, showcasing tangible results, such as a Year 5 class developing a practical solution addressing clean water and sanitation classes.

Critical to fostering digital literacy and intricate creativity was The BOX,’ an innovative hub facilitating dynamic teaching and learning. This versatile space champions a rule-free environment, encouraging creativity and collaboration. Equipped with a myriad of tools — from VR goggles to robotics equipment — it fosters an investigative learning approach, enabling students to transcend traditional boundaries.


Hazelwood School’s teaching methodology is sowing the seeds for students to flourish in an evolving educational landscape. By nurturing these skills, they envision producing tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Their commitment to reimagining education underscores the belief that miracles can transpire when the right conditions are created for learning and growth.

Lindie Louw – Head of Hazelwood