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Ruff & Tumble Dog drying coats

Make doggie day trips to the beach easy with Ruff and Tumble’s Beach Dog Drying Coats. Cheerfully striped, the Beach Coat dries dogs fast and holds that wet dog pong in brilliantly. Drying Coats are the dog friendly leisurewear you need for your dog on the beach as wet, sandy and smelly dogs are not pleasant on a long trip home.

The Beach Coat is the first in the new premium Design Collection’ from Ruff and Tumble, which has all the practicality and quality of the Drying Coats but with a stylish feel.

Easy to put on, its double layer of soft and high quality cotton towelling dries dogs in minutes. A wide belly flap, deep neck/hoody, clever tucks and easy Velcro fastenings ensure that it sits snugly on the dog, holding in sand and smells whilst drying effectively.

Many breeds will be dry after just half an hour, but time to dry varies depending on the size and hair of the dog. Most dogs simply curl up, drop off to sleep and dry off in their baskets ‑and because the coats are stretchy and soft, dogs find them comfy and relaxing. 

Made of two layers of soft and highly absorbent cotton towelling, they keep the wetness away from dogs, leaving them dry and comfortable. Super for arthritic older dogs and outdoorsy active dogs.

The Drying Coats are brilliant at drying but they have others uses too. On hot days, the Drying Coats can be sprayed with water on the inside and then worn on a dog for 5 – 10 minutes to instantly cool them down. 

For timid dogs who hate loud noises like fireworks, they can be worn to have a swaddling and comforting effect. As they are made of natural cotton, they breathe, so can be worn in normal temperatures without the risk of overheating. 

Short haired and shivery dogs will often wear the Drying Coats for warming only. The towelling is thick and a double layer particularly snuggly and soft, so dogs are happy to wear them around the house and can walk freely in them.

Many owners find them invaluable for bathing of course, but another handy use is to wear after an operation. If a dog cannot bear a cone, or chews at stitches, the Drying Coat can comfort the dog and protect the wound at the same time.

The premium Beach’ Drying Coat has four striped pretty colours: Sunshine yellow, Raspberry, Vanilla and Ocean blue and there’s a gorgeous contrast lining in Ocean blue, giving a high end finish.

Available in twelve sizes from XS to GMD for dogs 580+Kg: from small terriers to a St. Bernard. Prices range from £41.50- £69 plus P&P.

There’s a handy sizing calculator and simple sizing guide on their website ruf​fand​tum​ble​dog​coats​.com/​p​a​g​e​s​/​s​i​z​i​n​g​guide You don’t need to measure your dog all over to get the right size. Simply enter the weight and the top line from shoulder blades to the start of the tail, and the guide will tell you the size you need. 


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