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St Lawrence College

Nestled in the heart of Kent, St Lawrence College stands as a beacon of educational excellence, fostering a learning environment that goes beyond the mere transmission of information. With a rich history dating back to 1879, the institution has consistently prioritised the delivery of top-notch education coupled with unwavering pastoral care. At the core of its mission is the holistic development of students mentally, physically, and spiritually — a commitment that has propelled countless graduates towards prestigious institutions like the University of Cambridge, the University of Bath, King’s College London, and University College London. 

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For Head of College Barney Durrant, choosing to lead at St Lawrence was not merely a professional decision but a personal one driven by the desire to provide a nurturing haven for his own three children. Mr. Durrant emphasises the paramount importance of happiness in a school environment, asserting that genuine positive well-being is cultivated through a well-thought-out program of social and emotional learning that permeates every aspect of school life. 

St Lawrence College distinguishes itself with its robust boarding program, a unique strength that fosters independence within a familial atmosphere. The 185 boarders on the expansive campus benefit from 247 supervision, ensuring their safety and well-being. New students are seamlessly integrated into the community with the support of assigned buddies, offering both friendship and mentorship. Recognising the challenges that students may face, the school provides confidential counselling services, reinforcing its commitment to addressing mental health challenges. 

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This commitment to holistic development extends into the academic realm, where St Lawrence College has earned the prestigious status of a World-Class High Performance Learning School. The institution embraces the idea that intelligence is not fixed, and through its established teaching and learning framework, it endeavors to shape students into individuals equipped with the values, attitudes and attributes essential for navigating adulthood. 

Beyond the classroom, the college empowers students to excel through a myriad of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and mindfulness programs. According to Mr. Durrant, these activities not only cultivate essential soft skills crucial in life but also correlate with academic achievement. The school’s focus on self-development activities, including sports and physical activities, has been linked to higher GCSE results, promoting relaxation, self-expression, and personal growth while imparting coping mechanisms and stress-management skills. 

St Lawrence College’s dedication to the well-rounded development of its students recently earned them recognition, being shortlisted for Independent Schools of the Year in the Student Well-being category and clinching the Most Nurturing Co-educational Independent School in Kent’ award. As it continues to shape the future leaders of tomorrow, St Lawrence College stands as a testament to the transformative power of a truly nurturing and holistic educational experience. 


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