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The free and perpetual grammar school’

Cranbrook was founded in 1518 by a wealthy Yeoman, John Blubery, to provide a frescole house’ for the town’s children. Following a visit by Queen Elizabeth I to the town in 1573, a royal charter firmly established the free and perpetual grammar school’. Boarding at Cranbrook goes to the heart of our identity as a school. We have 250 students living onsite along with over 30 staff. We have been judged Outstanding by OFSTED for our boarding for the first time in the last year. We are one of the biggest and best boarding schools in the country and we are rightly proud of this. Our new motto – Respect, Aspire Achieve reminds everyone that respect for each other and our community outweighs everything else we do. It is the basis for aspiration and achievement – both of which are also a major part of our mission. As a school, our key focus is to ensure our students are happy, fulfilled and confident. We were absolutely delighted at our A‑level results last summer – 73% A*-B and not far short of our 2013 record of 79% – and at the success our students have had in recent years in securing places at top universities for their degree education. For example, our students have gained 12 offers from Oxbridge colleges this year and 10 gained places at Oxford and Cambridge last year. In addition to the success of our prospective Medics and Vets this bodes well for our Higher Education success rate this coming year. We are particularly excited that Cranbrook has been given the go-ahead to admit 11 year old pupils via the Kent 11+ from September 2017. At the same time we are very proud of our boarding heritage and the link with preparatory schools far and wide across the south of England. Last but not least, Cranbrook remains fiercely competitive on the sports field, punching its weight very commendably against top independent and grammar school opposition in rugby, hockey, cricket and netball. We are proud of the fact that Cranbrook retains its image as a unique blend of the best the state and independent sectors can offer. Come and find out more! 

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Dr. John Weeds, Headmaster at Cranbrook School