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Unconventional Father’s Day Gifting

Celebrate the amazing work and support your dad or father figure have shown you this past year with these great gifting ideas.

Framed Words
Vintage Playing Cards’ framed words are designed using original vintage cards sourced from a 1930s spelling game. Whether a football fanatic or a quote connoisseur, Vintage Playing Cards will have the perfect frame for this Father’s Day. Create your own frame by choosing any words or expressions that suit you exactly.

Framed words

Yorick Scented Luxury Natural Wax Candle
Inspired by the Yorick skull Marokka currently sells on their site, the Yorick candle was designed to create a masculine scent that would be loved by all men. Yorick is a blend of cocoa, bergamont and orange paired with jasmine and amber. The candle also features scents of Patchouli, cedarwood and musk. Available in two sizes; 160g and 260g. 

Marokka’s Furry Friends
3D animal inspired sculptures featuring Frank the French Bulldog, Gus the Gorilla and Yorick the Skull are the perfect gift to suit every personality. Available in different colourways and finishes including matte and metallic. 

Wulfy the Wolf & Baxy the Badger
The latest 3D sculptures are a great way of adding a new dimension to any room in the home including Dad’s home office, man cave or indoor bar. These limited-edition sculptures are created using a bespoke 3D printed process that takes over 10 hours to produce. Made from fully sustainable materials, you’re guaranteed the highest quality definition that can be viewed from all angles.


All-in-one Webcam with Built-in Microphone
What if you could put an end to awkward, low-lit, fuzzy sounding conference calls? At a time when you want to be able to connect in the best way possible via video, the Trust Tyro Full HD Webcam offers the solution; all the features that make video calling and video streaming that much more comfortable are packed into one device.

Vintage Playing Cards Decorative Bottle Opener
This unique bottle opener has been recycled from pallets and vintage cards to spell out the perfect phases such as Bottoms Up’; Cheers’; and our personal favourite, Man Cave’. Underneath each of the cards are small magnets, a clever design trick to ensure that your bottle top is caught when it falls. No messy tabletops or need to bend down and pick up the tops. The opener is made of cast iron and it comes with wall fixings so it is easy to put up!

Vintage Playing Cards Father’s Day Card
Vintage Playing Cards have a variety of different cards to suit many and all of which can be found on their site now!

Kokoon sleep aid headphones
Kokoon was founded with the mission to become the non-pharmaceutical, digital go to’ for helping people relax and sleep easier. The Kokoon app features techniques, tracks and concepts developed with sleep professionals to optimise the chances of falling asleep. Many of these techniques feature in a form of talking therapy known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. CBT is an evidence-based therapy generally regarded as the gold standard treatment for insomnia with a proven success rate.

Kokoon sleep