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Vinehall... the adventure starts here!

Set in 50 acres of English countryside, Vinehall School provides a beautiful setting for children aged 2 – 13 to grow and foster a love of learning. The need to explore is innate in children and Vinehall aims to give them the opportunity to discover the world around them in a safe and nurturing environment. Surrounded by woodland, Vinehall Pre-Prep is the perfect place to start an educational adventure. Our fantastic teaching staff and wonderful facilities provide children with the perfect foundation for their educational journey. The children are supported by dedicated and experienced staff in small classes in which they can thrive and flourish. 

Vinehall has a profound sense of community and takes the time to ensure families feel welcome and supported. Early Years workshops, Parent Share and informal drop-in sessions help to enhance the learning partnership between the school, parents and children. Whilst many of the children starting Reception benefit from the seamless transition from our Nursery and Kindergarten, we are delighted to welcome new families and provide a structured and comprehensive programme of events to ensure a smooth and happy transition from home or other settings. 

The children are encouraged to follow their own interests and develop their independence. Every year we change the curriculum we deliver to ensure each class is engaged and enthusiastic and the children lead their learning to places that interest and excite them. Through our interactive curriculum, we aim to inspire the children’s motivation, creativity and resilience. Our Pre-Prep pals, such as Cassie Cat, Ollie Owl and Terry Tortoise, help children to develop an understanding of the vital learning dispositions of curiosity, confidence and tenacity. 

Throughout Pre-Prep, the classrooms follow the natural tones of the outdoors and bring a calm and refreshing atmosphere in which the children flourish. The Reception classroom opens out onto a large outdoor area, which provides the perfect space for water play and large-scale construction. The children free flow between the two areas, allowing them the opportunity to engage in periods of continuous learning and development. Our wonderful facilities enhance the curriculum and we provide weekly swimming, French, music and sport sessions, all taken by specialist teachers. The children also benefit from being able to access a breadth of extra-curricular activities including ballet, construction club and cookery.

Alongside the exceptional environment, we aim to provide the absolute best in pastoral care. The small class sizes allow the staff to know the children incredibly well and means that we can personalise the children’s care and learning. Our ethos is underpinned by the belief that every child has the right to a nurturing and holistic start to their school life. We provide our children with the space to grow and mature in their own time and put in extra support for those children who need additional help with their emotional well-being.

The children’s natural curiosity opens the window for our passionate and inspirational staff to provide wonderful opportunities to learn, ranging from family woodland walks to pond dipping and cooking on an open campfire. 

We are welcoming new families for our Reception Open Morning on Friday 4th March 2022 and look forward to meeting you there. Vinehall is an adventure you will not want to miss!