by Aspect County

A new scentsation

Taking inspiration from places of historical significance in Kent and figureheads in history, each fragrance evokes memories and images of these places and people, spreading appreciation for a little bit of Kentish history, one bottle at a time. Experts say that memories associated with smells tend to be older and brought to mind less often, however it does mean that the recollection of a person or place is very vivid when it does occur.

Scents can certainly evoke memories… spray the perfume or aftershave you wore when you were last on holiday, and you’ll instantly be taken back to that location, or walk past a person wearing the same perfume as a friend and you’ll turn your head thinking it’s them.

Whether you’re looking for a special gift or unique fragrance for yourself Edenbridge combine a passion for local Kent history mixed with an enthusiasm for fine fragrance. From selecting specific ingredients which best exemplify their inspiration, to handcrafting the scent for each product, the family-run fragrance company, based in the heart of Kent, draw on a collection of their favourite places and people who inspire them.

Some of the most popular scents include Chartwell, a fragrance inspired by the dark leather-clad drawing rooms of Winston Churchill’s Westerham home. This fragrance is masculine, with wood and leather notes, and conjures up an image of sitting in a wingback chair in Churchill’s office with the warming smells of scotch and cigars permeating the room.

Waltz, with bergamot and patchouli, inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald and the glamourous early 20th century Paris and New York society that she loved, and another favourite is Great Expectations. This fragrance evokes the thrill of the great literary romances of 19th century Rochester and Charles Dickens’ influence on the area. Woody notes of Cedar and Oud mix with top notes of Juniper and Bergamot to create an aroma classical alluring and uniquely British.

For those uncertain about which fragrance is best suited to them or if you’re buying for a gift, Edenbridge offers various sample sizes for customers to try. Each fragrance is accompanied by a profile card which details the inspiration as well as individual top notes, heart notes and base notes to help you inform your choice and perhaps ignite a passion for fragrances.

At Edenbridge, you can expect high-quality fragrances, hand-blended with unique scents that can inspire and empower all.