by Aspect County

A real gem!

Jewellery – a universal form of body adornment, a family heirloom, a symbol of marriage and often a must have gift to oneself.

Jewellery is the go-to gift for both men and women, whether its wedding bands, a classic timepiece, a beautiful necklace or a bangle to adorn the wrist, all can be seen as a token of love and or friendship. Jewellery is one of the few possessions, which we own, which can stay with us throughout our lives. Each item has a story to tell and one which can be handed down through generations.

Are you searching for something a little different to set your autumn style apart this season? Then why not consider a bespoke piece of jewellery that tells your unique story? Jewellery makes a statement, changes the look of an outfit and displays your character, a bespoke piece does just that but in a much more special way. Imagine being able to create a piece from scratch, a design that is true to you and is like no other. Transform your dreams into reality, whether it’s an item of jewellery for yourself or a gift for that special someone, the possibilities are limitless. 

We all have those wonderful family treasures and heirlooms passed through the generations. Unfortunately, with time, things can become worn, misshapen, too small or too big and are all too often abandoned in the back of a jewellery box. Jewellery should never be left forgotten it has so much to offer and often a story to tell, whether it’s twenty years old or a hundred and twenty years old! Jewellery can be restored to its former glory. Perhaps you have an old piece which you still love but would like elements of it incorporated into something new, these treasured items can continue to be part of your family story for years to come.

Kerry Newman, who has been working at Gold Arts as lead designer for over ten years, knows just how important this service is. She said People can bring in anything and we can make it into exactly what they are after by using specific elements in the new piece or melting the jewellery down and starting again. It’s a great way for people to make use of any old jewellery that they don’t like or wear and make it into something a bit more stylish and modern. Some people even bring in pictures of what they want it to look like and we can accommodate that.’

With over forty years of experience in jewellery design and manufacture, the Gold Arts design team combine traditional methods with state-of-the-art computer CAD CAM systems to create miniature masterpieces which radiate quality, style and that all important personal touch. 

Quite often if a watch or item of jewellery becomes broken, it has too much sentimental value to simply replace it. So why replace when you can repair? In addition to the design and creative services, of the family run jewellers, Gold Arts offer comprehensive repair services, rhodium plating, full ring polishing and valuations. 

Pop in to one of their three branches, in Brighton, Chichester and Eastbourne for more information.