by Aspect County

Alexandra Harper Millinery’s the Blessing of Antheia at Fortnum & Mason

Six of Alexandra Harper Millinery’s most striking headpieces from the new collection, The Blessing of Antheia are now available for purchase at London institution, Fortnum & Mason. For those buying headwear for the season of racing and regattas, the new collection, which looks to Antheia the goddess of flowers, is the perfect choice.

Combining traditional techniques with luxury craftsmanship and infinite imagination, Harper has drawn on the colours and textures of the Greek landscape in order to encapsulate the story of this beautiful and heroic muse, celebrated for the fragrant flowery wreathes she wore at festivals and occasions.

The six-piece collection at Fortnum & Mason is constituted of bright, summery and easy-to-wear pieces complemented with intermittent pieces of luxurious eye-catching frivolity with a nod to Greek tradition:

For Name Day – An oversized hand-tooled silk dupion flower in cream accented with shaped feathers.

Santorini Noon – A deep blue classic Alexandra Harper Millinery platter-style hat, topped with two hand-tooled silk flowers and delicate tufts of veiling.

Geranium – Hand-tooled silk geraniums border a playful red and white gingham pillbox.

Evangelia – A midnight blue hand-beaded silk headpiece supports a voluminous mass of petals and swirling ostrich spines.

Bougainvillea – Intricately placed silk bougainvillea petals decorate sculptured loops of bright pink jinsin.

Crossing the Aegean – A capacious burst of piled high azure feathers.

The prices range between £300 and £650.

The select pieces at Fortnum & Mason, as well as the extended collection available exclusively from Alexandra Harper Millinery is composed entirely of one-off creations and produced by hand in the Alexandra Harper Millinery Islington shop and studio.

For more images please refer to Aspect County May, pages 76 – 77