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Crowning Glory

Let fashion go to your head this month. With summer just around the corner we are entering into the busy events season. Whether you’re attending a garden party, race event or are a guest at a wedding, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to turn your head to hats! If you’ve not had the occasion to or indeed considered accessorising a special outfit with a hat, then now is the time to try. A hat can transform an outfit and how you feel within moments of putting it on. From the outlandish and extravagant to the wide brimmed or petite there is a hat to suit every outfit for any occasion.

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A working farm wouldn’t be the first place to spring to mind when shopping for the perfect hat for an upcoming wedding or sporting event. However, it is this unique setting which is one of the things that sets this collective of boutiques apart. The Get Ahead Hats boutiques offer the opulence of a high-end department store, but with a personal touch, in a beautiful rural location.

The small but forward-thinking company consists of thirteen showrooms across the UK all based in the countryside. The Petworth West Sussex showroom, a converted barn boutique, offers a fabulous array of designer millinery items, with a collection that changes regularly. As with all branches, viewing is by appointment and guarantees you the time and expert knowledge expected of a private consultation, to achieve the right look for your special occasion. 

The Royal Ascot meeting in June is the pinnacle of the hat-wearing events calendar, where you can really go to town with headwear. This year the milliners at Get Ahead Hats are working overtime to make it more glorious than ever. We pride ourselves in giving our customers a unique style that echoes their personality be that classic, charming or really whacky – we love to see the confidence on the face of a lady once she has found, and had fitted correctly, a hat just right for her.” says Sarah, creative director.

A lavish hat can be an investment, to be worn again and again, but if you’re not ready to commit and like to change things up, then many pieces are also available to hire making this an extravagance you can afford. An outfit can be transformed by a hat. Sometimes there is no need to buy a new outfit when the purchase or hire of a hat is all that is needed to upgrade the look. The hardest part will be choosing your favourite one!

How to choose the perfect hat

• Try it on with the outfit you have chosen to wear, so you can match the colour.

• Don’t spend a fortune on your outfit and forget to budget for the finishing touches – a hat can make all the difference to an outfit.

• You need to be able to see clearly, feel comfortable and enjoy wearing the hat.

• Take your shoes, or those of a similar height, as those you’ll be wearing to the event. When you step into heels you stand differently, and the hat will sit at a better angle. 

• Make sure to check out what the hat looks like from the back as well as the front.

If you’re looking for that tip top addition to your outfit this season, or perhaps you’re interested in opening a showroom from your own home, then contact Sarah at 

Head office Lancashire 01254 889574