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Elevating Elegance: The Ethical Essence of Jewellery and Eco-Weddings

Bringing an exciting twist to Ethical Jewellery & Eco-Weddings, KATA Jewellery introduces a new perspective. No longer, does ethical & eco mean that you need to settle for boho-chic. Crafting your engagement ring and wedding bands with KATA allow you to have beautiful luxury fine jewellery, with a conscious. Even if ethical’ and eco-friendly’ aren’t your first thoughts when it comes to choosing your Jewellery & wedding suppliers, if you can make a more conscious choice, and can still have a beautiful luxury wedding, then why not take the plunge, and explore the world of Ethical Jewellery’ & Eco-Wedding’ a little more with me. 

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First, it always starts with the engagement ring, Such an exciting milestone in a relationship. Whether you choose an engagement ring from the in-house collection, or choose to create a bespoke ring, you can be assured that each piece is ethically and responsibly made. KATA Jewellery hand makes each piece of fine Jewellery in our in-house workshop, in Royal Tunbridge Wells. A small-scale artisan production with no airmiles involved! Everything is UK made by our highly skilled team of Master Jewellers.

All of the silver, gold & platinum used in our Jewellery is 100% recycled and ethically sourced using chain of custody models set out by the Responsible Jewellery Council. KATA are also proud to be certified to use Fairmined Gold in our Jewellery. Fairmined Gold is an active force for good, supporting small scale artisanal mines with ethical working practices and the local communities around them. All of the diamonds we use in our Jewellery are also sourced from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. At every step in creating a piece of Jewellery, KATA make choices which are ethical and responsible, ensuring that your Jewellery is not just beautiful, heirloom quality pieces but are crafted with a conscious. 

KATA Jewellery handmade

When going on to choose your wedding suppliers, KATA Jewellery have worked with a wonderful host of sustainable companies which we recommend to our clients. From your photographer to your florist, there is always a choice to go for a more sustainable and conscious supplier. 

No wedding day would be complete without the perfect set of wedding bands. The outward sign of our love and daily commitment to each other, to wear forever. We believe in crafting wedding bands to order, tailored to each couple. This bespoke approach means that your bands truly will be the perfect fit for you, that you will love to wear every day. 

From January 2024, KATA Jewellery are excited to be opening bookings for their Wedding Ring Experience Day’ An amazing opportunity for a couple to work alongside our craftsmen to help create each other’s wedding band. Visit our website for more information and to book your Experience Day. 


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