by Aspect County

Grace Han Bags

Admired by royalty and revered by lovers of true craftsmanship, Grace Han is a luxury accessories and leather goods brand with a difference, propelled by its unwavering focus on exceptional craftsmanship, flawless design, and timeless style.

Built to last a lifetime, each bag is a labour of love taking between three months and one year to create and days to intricately assemble.The brand’s founder and namesake, Grace Wong, launched her line in early 2019, greatly inspired by her artistic mother. As Grace was growing up, she realised that deep human emotions can be instilled by good artistic works. Her mother expressed her feelings in abstract paintings, and Grace wanted to express hers in handbags.

Following a two-year apprenticeship at a handbag manufacturer, Grace employed a pattern cutter who she still works closely with today. Together in a small apartment in Taipei, they worked on making her designs a reality. Since then, Grace has created three unique collections: Ballet Lesson, Love Letter and Butterfly. Each elegant collection is inspired by different influences in Grace’s life, Ballet Lesson by dedication and persistence, Love Letter by love in all forms and Butterfly by transformation and growth.

It took seven years for Grace to develop and perfect the concept of her first design, Ballet Lesson, a testament to her persistence and commitment to quality. As a result, the Ballet Lesson collection is still one of Grace’s most refined today. 

For Grace, the pleats in Ballet Lesson hold an important meaning as every fold signifies a chapter of our lives. The bags are characterised by their signature pleats and a golden metal flap edge that gives an extra dose of elegance, paired with chain straps intertwined with the very same leather as the bag. The handbags are named after Ballet because ballerinas are committed throughout their lifetime to perfecting the form and grace of their dance. 

The Love Letter is arguable Grace’s most famous design after the Duchess of Cambridge was seen carrying the top handle bag on three separate royal engagements last year. The Love Letter bag is an ode to love letters of the past, present and future and is so named because of its distinctive envelope shape closure on the front of the bag, eliciting a smile when looked upon. It comes with unique side gussets that allow for easy access to the heart of the bag, standing guard over one’s most loved possessions. 

Finally, the Butterfly collection is one that signifies transformation and growth. The beautiful leather cross-body bags feature a bold, asymmetric trio of graphic lines, inspired by a butterfly’s wings. Featuring a unique double flap closure, the function of the bag allows for additional safety and organisation of its contents. 

Today, the brand represents a cross-section of East and West sensibilities. Grace Han reflects both softness and strength, emotion and logic and tradition and innovation. The brand’s flagship store in Knightsbridge is a true reflection of Grace’s ethos, with specially curated bespoke furnishings and décor sought out from across the globe.