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KATA Jewellery

We all have those pieces in our Jewellery box, you know the ones I mean. They are there, hiding at the back, treasured pieces we cannot bear to part with, but not ones we would wear frequently, if at all. Jewellery has this special way of linking us to those we love. It is the carrier of memories and of stories. What if there was a way to honour the heritage of where these pieces have come from, while breathing fresh life into them and making them relevant for today. 

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KATA Jewellery, on St. John’s Road, Tunbridge Wells, have been working their magic since they opened their doors two year ago. Amongst the many Jewellery services they offer, from repairs & alterations to bespoke design, remodelling has been one of the most popular. 

I think it is because they truly understand what an emotional process remodelling can be, and Jennifer Kata designs pieces for her clients that are uniquely them. 

So often with remodelling, I’ve seen some jewellers transform everyone’s unique inherited treasures all into rings that look all the same, as they are made to that particular jeweller’s style Thankfully, as KATA Jewellery are primarily bespoke jewellers, each and every piece they make is truly one-of-a-kind. 

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For such an important decision as remodelling sentimental inherited Jewellery, it is key that you trust the jeweller you are working with. Trust them to design something unique for you, to craft it with skill, but most importantly, to honour memory of the treasured pieces they are working with. KATA Jewellery’s reviews are a testament to this, with glowing testimonies crediting them for their expertise in their craft & design, but also for making their clients feel a part of the process from start to finish. 

The whole process was a joy! Your creativity and flair have taken a loved but unworn piece and transformed it into a piece (of jewellery) that exceeds my expectations. From initial meeting, pencil sketches and final design (a tiny work of art in its own right) the delivery of the ring, I have been delighted with every aspect of the process. Thank you for creating a piece that I will be proud to pass on in due course” — Liz

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When we asked Anton & Jennifer Kata what they enjoyed most about remodelling, it was the people they make these special pieces for. The heritage and story of your special Jewellery is not lost on them, but something they feel honoured to be trusted with. 

If remodelling your existing treasures is something you have been toying with for a while, I would urge you visit KATA and bring your Jewellery in to discuss the possibilities. 

They truly have a skill for designing your forever’ piece of Jewellery and crafting it in their in-house workshop. Your new ring, earrings or pendant are going to be that special piece that you want to wear every day, not just because they are an expression of your personal style, but the fact that they have a story and a heritage that makes them priceless treasures. Bringing the past into the present and creating future heirlooms. Remodelling sentimental Jewellery is an emotional process, but a journey that you will be so glad you have taken with KATA Jewellery.