by Aspect County

Lux vegan leather wristlets

The Lux Crossbody Wristlet Clutch is as practical as it’s pretty. With a luxurious brushed finish, this versatile vegan clutch feels soft to the touch. Truly adaptable, the removable straps give you the option to wear it as a wallet, wristlet or cross body clutch.

Jenny Fern Green vegan suede hobo bag from Live in the Light lifestyle

Buyer beware – appearances can be deceptive and even though a bag may look as though it’s okay for vegans, that may not necessarily be the case. Many bags will use animal by-products, like glue, in their production.

No animals were hurt in the making of these bags!
Hailing from America, the Joy Susan label is a leader in the vegan leather handbag, jewellery and accessory markets.

Joy Susan ultimately choose vegan leather as their material of choice because vegan leather is fashion with a conscience and it’s every bit as good as genuine leather.

So what is it?
Joy Susan’s vegan leather bags are made of 100 percent pure polyurethane (PU), a synthetic material with no animal products or by-products whatsoever. 

It’s a material they are experience working with, and out of many artificial leather options, polyurethane’s rich texture and versatility gives it the edge. Some vegan leathers incorporate fibrous hides in an attempt to simulate a more leather-like feel. Joy Susan has no need to do this because of their expert design and careful attention to details, making it near impossible to tell their bags from genuine leather.

And when it comes to versatility, polyurethane reigns supreme. It can be finished with an eye-catching sparkle or a glossy sheen, and it can be saturated in a range of colours that put leather to shame.

Joy Susan handbags are available in the UK exclusively from Live in the Light – the online natural and organic lifestyle store.