by Aspect County


Our December pick of the month’ is the sports jacket and sweater.


A sports jacket is an essential item of menswear for the autumn/winter wardrobe. It can be practical, sturdy, versatile and dress up almost any outfit, to keep you looking great whatever the weather in the cold months ahead. To show off our appreciation for this must-have piece, we thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of our top tips:


But first, what is a sports jacket?
Originally designed to be worn for outdoor pursuits, a sports jacket is a smart but casual lounge jacket made to be worn with non-matching trousers. They are often tailored from highly durable and natural materials like wool as it is robust, water repellent and has excellent insulating qualities. Tweed, checked and herringbone are particularly popular patterns, suited to the style of jacket.

How to wear a sports jacket?
The casual nature of these jackets means that they work great with almost any outfit and can instantly upgrade your look. If you feel a blazer is too formal, a sports jacket is often the perfect choice. Wear it with a button-up shirt (no tie), a crewneck sweater and some slim-fit trousers for a smart-casual look that looks polished but feels a little more relaxed. You can also wear it with a simple T‑shirt and jeans for a casual, yet put-together style.

The importance of a good sweater

A good sweater is a menswear essential that’s as versatile as it is fashionable. It will not only keep you warm as the days get colder but it will also help to bring your outfit together and add more interest through textures and layering. The importance of the perfect fit is something County Clothes strive to tell their customers, it’s important to find one that fits your build correctly. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • You want the shoulder seams to line up with the end of your shoulders for better definition in the upper body.
  • Your sleeves shouldn’t be too baggy or tight. For the most flattering fit, they should hug your arms without looking like second skin and punching at your armpits. Your cuffs should finish at the wrist.
  • You don’t want your sweater to be too long – sitting just below your belt line is perfect.
  • Go for a slim fit. It might feel tempting for a more self-conscious man to hide underneath lots of extra fabric, but a big sweater will always make you look bigger and will make you lose all definition in the upper part of your body. No matter your size, your sweater should fit closely to your torso with around 1 – 2 inches of loose fabric on each side. 

There are several styles of sweater to suit most occasions, from the classic close-fitting crew and v neck sweaters, which can be worn with of without a shirt and tie, to the turtleneck which is not only keeps you warm but makes quite the statement. The thicker option of a shawl neck or zip neck sweater creates the perfect balance for a warm smart-casual look. 

For more inspiration and fitting advice visit County Clothes, for you warming winter wardrobe.