by Aspect County

MPMagic Boxer Briefs

They fix everything annoying about underwear

Leading the market in antibacterial socks, MPMagic have just launched another industry’s first in boxer shorts with a totally seamless pouch. Once you go seamless, you’ll never go back to regular boxers! There is no underwear that’s made like MPMagic Boxer Briefs. Nor does anything feel as good.

Following three years of research and development, MPMagic Boxer Briefs have made a breakthrough in the designing industry, bringing to you unique ergonomically design boxer briefs where every seam in the pouch has been removed.


They’ve fixed everything annoying about boxer briefs, and in providing a seamless pouch, allows extra airflow via top-quality, superfine fibre, and have incorporated a chaf-free, comfortable drop-shape design, that’s also anti-odour.

Says a spokesman: Our aim is to always make our customers look the best and make life easier, which is why we’ve launched this first generation of boxer brief. We are certain they will fix everything annoying about underwear and make you look your best all the time.”