by Aspect County

New beachwear brand Mabes London launches for Spring/Summer 2016

New beachwear brand Mabes London founded by Becky Levett and Giles Maber has launched for Spring Summer 2016. The collection focuses on stylish and re-imagined cotton terry towel shirts featuring vibrant colours and playful patterns.

Inspired by the beach shirt designs of the sixties, Mabes London have refined old school style with contemporary tailoring and luxurious cotton terry fabrics. The collection features unisex shirts for men and women as well as adorable miniature versions for children, ensuring that all look chic on the beach. 

The Spring Summer 2016 colour palette features the signature Classic’ shirt in bold shades of azure and navy, alongside softer tones of mint and mandarin. 

Exclusively for Spring Summer 2016, limited edition shirts with embroidery detailing have been designed with a quintessentially stylish sixties summer in mind. The shirts feature bright and eclectic prints with colours and motifs reflective of this period including the Palm, inspired by summer ocean breeze and palm trees, as well as the Artist, with a light hearted pastel print.

Whether poolside or on the beach, home or abroad, Mabes shirts combine comfort with style, not only designed to serve a purpose, but to evoke good times always. 

All designs are available to purchase online at www​.mabes​.com