by Aspect County

With spring right around the corner, it’s almost time to hang up the woolly hat and scarf, ditch the wool jumpers and turn our minds to tea dresses and pastel pumps. But don’t pack away all your autumn/winter trends just yet, as it looks like some of our top picks from 2018 are here to stay a while longer.

Leopard print

Animal print was the biggest trend of 2018. So big, that we were not willing to part with it going into spring/summer 2019. If you have yet to jump aboard the leopard print train, now is the time to do it. Pair a mid-length leopard print skirt with neutral colours for a feisty and sophisticated day time look. Alternatively, a one-piece such as a dress or playsuit will make for a sultry evening outfit that will be perfect to rock on date night. 

1980s couture

Spring 2019 is playing host to another of the big trends of last year. That’s right. The 80s are still back. We blame Netflix hits such as GLOW and Stranger Things. We’re loving the statement shoulders, skirt suits, glitzy party dresses and jazzy accessories. Experiment with bold or pastel colour combos and style with a chain belt. 

Not prepared to fully embrace the gaudy trends of the 80s once more? Put a subtle 80s spin on your wardrobe by accessorising with chain bag straps, hair scrunchies and pointed stilettos. 

Beige, beige and more beige

Head-to-toe beige, baby! Sound scary? Don’t panic. The beige spectrum includes all neutral shades such as oatmeal, biscuit, blush and off-white. Plus, when done right, this trend screams maturity, sophistication, elegance and luxury. If you have porcelain skin, your go-to neutral shade will be in the blush family. Light skin gals should try an off-white. Meanwhile, a traditional bisque shade will complement olive skin tones. Last but not least, ebony ladies should experiment with oatmeal or biscuit tones. 


Now we have covered the modern and retro trends of the season, it’s now time to dive into the pretty and feminine styles of spring/summer 2019. Let’s start with the bow. Be prepared to see bows adorning almost every style piece on the market — spaghetti straps, belts, sashes, wrap dresses, everything. For a simple and quick way to add a cute bow to your outfit, slip a bow headband or some cute bow hairpins into your tresses. Better yet, why not accessorise with some bow earring/studs, necklaces or bracelet charms for a more mature take on this cutsie trend. 

Wrapped in lace

We are ending our list of top trends with a firm spring/summer favourite. Lace is pretty, elegant and super easy to style. Layer an off-white lace maxi-skirt or dress with a pastel cami-top for an ultra-feminine look. Alternatively, pair a black lace skirt with a bold cami top (perhaps leopard print?) for a modern evening outfit. If, however, fancy frills are not your style, try a lace print blouse instead and style with some denim jeans and heels.. 

Written by Samantha Allaker