by Aspect County

The four step wardrobe detox

We all dream of that Instagram/Pinterest worthy wardrobe. To open the doors each morning and see its contents coordinated by colour, occasion and material. Instead, the majority of us are confronted with skew-whiff hangers and toppling piles of jumpers, a scene that highly resembles the sales racks on the high street in mid-January.

You may have already set yourself the challenge of cleansing your wardrobe for 2018, but have yet to pluck up the courage to confront it – we understand why. The task typically consists of creating more mess than you had to begin with, parting with memories and battling with your inner hoarder. Ultimately, this has resulted in an acute fear of attempting to organise its contents again. 

Fortunately, decluttering your fashion pieces does not have to be the gruelling task you have made it out to be. With our tried and tested method, organising your wardrobe has never been simpler. So, no excuses and no justifications. It is time to tackle this monster once and for all. 

Step 1
In order to ensure that you are prepared for the task ahead, you must first get into the right headspace. You must, no matter what state your wardrobe is currently in, be ruthless. Talk to friends, put on your girlboss playlist or meditate – do whatever it takes to prepare yourself for the self-discipline that is required. 

Step 2
Pull out anything that fits within these three categories and chuck them out/donate them. 
• Pieces that do not fit you
• Things that are ripped, stained or worn. 
• Anything you have not worn in the last 2 years

Step 3
Take out the remaining pieces in your closet one at a time, dividing them into two orderly piles – one for items you will keep and one for items to either throw away or donate. Drown out the voice of your inner hoarder by asking yourself these three questions when you pull out each piece. Does this fit with my current style? Can I think of 3 outfits for this piece? Do I like the material? If you answered Yes’ to all three of these questions, keep it. If you answered No’ to any of these questions, throw it out. Simple. 

Step 4
Take a few moments to look at your new and condensed wardrobe. If you have any gaps, (not physical) write a list of the items you need to buy. This will help you update your look for the new year, as well as breathe some new life into some of your favourite outfits.