by Aspect County

Three international designers to watch

Portugal: Lauren Razek

Inspired by ancient civilisations and mythology, Lauren Razek designs are timeless and versatile, paving the way for a gentler, kinder world of fashion. All garments are ethically made in 

Portugal with environmentally sustainable bamboo fabric. 

Lauren Razek believes in full transparency. The brand is dedicated to their environmental and social sustainable supply: simply scan the label of your garment with your phone and view the supply chain that went into putting it together.

The label was founded by siblings, Lauren, Hassan and Dean. With an English mother and an Egyptian father, they grew up between two worlds. With more than three decades experience between them, and in more than ten countries, here is a family that offers a unique blend of knowledge and experience. 

Their designs of timeless pieces of beauty, each comes with its own enchanting story. One that began thousands of years ago, which you can be a part. The debut collection comprises of five designs launching in the UK in September 2020


India: Vibhuti Vazirani 

Created to fight the battle against fast fashion, new premium sustainable fashion brand ZAVI debuts their ready-to-wear collection of timeless wardrobe staples. Using the brand’s exclusive sustainable fabrics, ZAVI strives to provide conscious fashion that is relevant, desirable and affordable.

ZAVI was created and founded by Vibhuti Vazirani – but a label with a difference. Starting from scratch, with no real training or background in fashion, Vibhuti took onboard a journey of self-learning. With her business acumen, scientific mind, and deep passion of creativity, she researched the impact of the fashion industry on our health and environment. What she found disturbed her deeply and she took an oath that ZAVI would be pro-environmental and as close to a 100 percent sustainable as possible, using natural fibres and natural methods. She produces clothing from hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, peace silk, and recycled polyester. Using these eco-friendly and organic procedures, helps in limiting the harmful impact of garment production on the environment. 

ZAVI is a brand that caters to a fashion and environmentally conscious people, by providing on-trend and quality organic clothing. 


Hungary: Rosamund Muir

Introducing Rosamund Muir, a premium British ladies footwear brand, a perfect blend of British design and the highest quality Italian leather, handmade by expert craftspeople. 

A self-confessed shoe addict, Rosamund Muir, knows what a woman really requires in a shoe, and decided to embark on a dream of launching her own footwear line. With a solid background in design and advertising in London, she trained in shoe design, pattern and footwear making at the highly regarded London College of Fashion. 

Rosamund Muir stands for original, smart and amazingly comfortable footwear; a timeless collection for all women, placing comfort above everything else, dedicated to women in all aspects of their lives; empowering women is the brand philosophy. The collection is both luxury and hard wearing, but still reflecting style and fun. 

The debut collection from Rosamund Muir is made using finest calf leathers and features wardrobe staples such as the perfect and comfortable heels, ankle boots and wedge sandals. The Montana sandal comes in four colourways, black and white, black and purple, red and nude, the India courts are available in black and leopard, whilst the Paulina boots come in three colourways featuring dark green, purple and grey/blue.